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Terms and Conditions

zaluna® Gift Card Terms and Conditions (“Terms and Conditions”)



Acceptance of Terms and Conditions and Update


Terms and Conditions for the zaluna Gift Card unless otherwise indicated. zaluna gift card is proprietary to Transat Distribution Canada Inc (hereinafter “TDC”).


These Terms and Conditions are a binding agreement between any purchaser or user of a zaluna Gift Card (hereinafter referred to as the “Client”, “Clients”, “you”, “your” accordingly) and TDC. You acknowledge having read and agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.


TDC may at any time change the present Terms and Conditions or contract with another third party to administer the Gift Card program. TDC will notify you of any changes by posting an updated version of the Terms and Conditions on its website at the addresses marlintravel.ca, clubvoyages.com, transattravel.com, voyagestransat.com or travelplus.ca. It is your responsibility to regularly review these Terms and Conditions.


If the zaluna Gift Card is used after TDC has made changes of any kind to its gift card program or its related Terms and Conditions, you will be deemed to have accepted such changes and to abide by the Terms and Conditions as amended.


zaluna Gift Card


zaluna Gift Cards are redeemable with a Travel Professional over the phone or in-agency on any travel products and services (the “Services”) sold at participating Travel Agencies such as Marlin Travel, Club Voyages, Transat Travel, Voyages Transat, or TravelPlus agencies across Canada (each one hereinafter referred to as “Agencies”). Please visit marlintravel.ca, clubvoyages.com, transattravel.com, voyagestransat.com or travelplus.ca to find participating Agencies near you.


zaluna Gift Cards can only be purchased online at https://cws.givex.com/cws4.0/zaluna/


zaluna Gift Cards can only be purchased by Clients who are residents of Canada by credit card only.  The Client must select an amount from CA$ 25 up to CA$ 2,000, with a maximum amount per transaction of CA$10,000 per day, per client.


zaluna Gift Cards shall have the same value as they were purchased for. For example, if a $100 gift card was purchased for the price of $100, then the card shall have a cash redemption value of $100 for the purchase of Services at participating Agencies.


There is no activation fee for the zaluna Gift Card.


zaluna Gift Cards have no expiry date.


zaluna Gift Cards are fully transferable from one person to another and if transferred, the new Gift Card holder will be deemed to have agreed to the Terms and Conditions.


Activation and delivery of the zaluna Gift Card


zaluna Gift Cards have no value until they are activated.


zaluna Gift Cards will only be activated upon receipt of full payment. Payment is considered complete once the payment processing method and fraud prevention procedures are finalized and a receipt has been issued to the Client to confirm the purchase.


Digital zaluna Gift Cards are delivered immediately after purchase is made and confirmed by secure email at the address provided to TDC by the purchaser and are redeemable immediately upon activation.


Plastic zaluna Gift Cards are shipped within 24 hours after purchase confirmation to the mailing address provided to TDC by the purchaser and are redeemable immediately upon activation. Shipping charges apply. Mail and courier delivery options are available at checkout. 


zaluna Gift Cards are not credit or debit cards.  All zaluna Gift Card sales are final and non-refundable or redeemable for cash once the purchase has been completed, except where required by law.


Use of the zaluna Gift Card


zaluna Gift Cards may not be resold. Unlawful resale or attempted resale is grounds for cancellation of the Gift Card without compensation.


In the event that the Services purchased (in whole or in part) with a zaluna Gift Card are refunded, the value or the unused portion thereof (based on the Terms and Conditions of the refunded Services) that was originally paid for using a zaluna Gift Card will be refunded to a zaluna Gift Card.


No fee shall be charged for the use of a zaluna Gift Card. Other travel service fees however including fees for services rendered by a Travel Professional may apply. Please verify with your Travel Professional.


You agree not to use Gift Cards or content codes in any manner that is unlawful, misleading, deceptive, unfair, or otherwise harmful to the Issuer, TDC, or its clients.


TDC reserves the right to deactivate or reject any zaluna Gift Card issued or obtained, directly or indirectly, through fraudulent actions.


TDC reserves the right to suspend, refuse, hold for review or cancel any zaluna Gift Card order for which fraud is suspected, for zaluna Gift Cards mistakenly issued in an incorrect denomination, or for any other violation of the present Terms and Conditions.


zaluna Gift Cards are redeemable with a Travel Professional over the phone or in-agency at participating Agencies across Canada. zaluna Gift Cards are not redeemable online.


zaluna Gift Cards must be presented or used at time of payment and cannot be retroactively applied to a booking once final payment has been made.


zaluna Gift Cards will not be accepted if they have an invalid number, have not been activated, have been deactivated, are declined, or do not exist in the system.


zaluna Gift Cards will not be accepted if the Card number has been damaged and is illegible, missing, or incorrect.




To check the remaining balance of a zaluna Gift Card, please visit https://cws.givex.com/cws4.0/zaluna/check-balance/ or any participating Agency.


If the cost of the Services purchased is greater than the value of the Gift Card, the stored value will be reduced to zero and the difference must be paid with another zaluna Gift Card or other accepted form of payment such as cash or credit card.


If the price of the Services is inferior to the value of the Gift Card, the remaining value of the Gift Card is retained until the stored value reaches a zero balance.


For zaluna Gift Card holders residing in the province of Quebec, balances of CA$ 5 or less are refundable upon request by emailing tdcgiftcards@transat.com.


Once a zaluna Gift Card is deactivated, it cannot be reactivated.


If you wish to redeem a zaluna Gift Card that was activated more than five (5) years ago, you must submit a reactivation request via email to TDC at tdcgiftcards@transat.com.


Corporate Gift Cards


Businesses will be required to create an account and be pre-approved by TDC prior to submitting any corporate Gift Card orders. TDC has sole discretion to approve or deny any corporate application.


Businesses registered in Canada with an approved zaluna account may purchase zaluna Gift Cards by credit card or Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), in any denomination ranging from $25 up to $2,000 Canadian dollars per card to a maximum transaction value of $200,000 CAD per day.


All Corporate zaluna Gift Cards order must be paid in full prior to being shipped physically or electronically.


Promo Cards


From time to time, TDC may, at its sole discretion, offer zaluna Promotional Cards with an expiration date as part of a promotion or marketing campaign. By law, Promotional Cards differ from Gift Cards in that they may expire. For clarity, Promotional Cards offered in such situations are exempt from the rules.


If you receive a zaluna Promotional Card, it will be identified as such and the expiry date will appear on the card.


TDC reserves the right to modify or end a Promotion or change its Terms and Conditions, at any time, for any reason, and without prior notice.


Termination of zaluna Gift Cards


TDC reserves the right to terminate the Gift Card zaluna at any time. If TDC terminates the gift card program and your zaluna Gift Card can no longer be used, we will select another manner to make the Balance available to you.


Risk of Loss, Damage


TDC is not responsible for the stored value balance of a zaluna Gift Card that has been lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed. If it is lost, stolen, damaged, destroyed or used without authorization, its value will not be refunded. Ownership and risk of loss will be transferred to the holder of the Gift Card immediately upon completion of processing the order.


Limitation of Liability, Disclaimer of Liabilities


TDC is not responsible should technical problems arise that may temporarily prevent you from redeeming tje zaluna Gift Card. The Client agrees, in such event, to return at a later time to redeem the zaluna Gift Card once the technical problem is resolved.




Entire agreement


This agreement constitutes a complete and exclusive statement of agreement between you, TDC and all its affiliated brands, and surpasses all prior agreements. If any condition of this agreement is found to be unenforceable, that condition will be eliminated to the minimum extent necessary for this agreement to remain in effect. 


Governing Law


You agree that these Terms and Conditions shall be governed by, construed and/or interpreted in accordance with the laws of your province of residence and the applicable laws of Canada therein. 




If you have any questions or would like to contact us regarding your gift card, please visit our website at https://cws.givex.com/cws4.0/zaluna/ or email us at tdcgiftcards@transat.com


Updated May 9, 2023