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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my gift card work at all Service Inspired Restaurants locations?
A: Your gift card is redeemable at all Service Inspired Restaurants locations including Jack Astor's Bar and Grill, Scaddabush, REDs, Loose Moose and Duke’s Refresher + Bar.

For a full listing of all restaurant locations where your gift card is redeemable, please visit www.sircorp.com.

When will I be charged for a gift card purchase?
A: When you order online, you will be charged after you successfully submit the order on the checkout window. You will know that the transaction was completed when you receive a confirmation email containing your order number and thanking you for your order.

If I have questions regarding my order or my gift card who can I contact?
A: You are welcome to contact GCFulfillment@sircorp.com with any of your questions.

What happens if my gift card is lost or stolen?
A: Please keep your card secure, as we cannot replace it if lost or stolen unless you have previously registered your card with us through the website under "Register". If you have registered your card and created an account, you can report any lost or stolen card online through your account. For account holders, once the card is reported as lost or stolen, it will be put immediately on hold. Once placed on hold, you can contact us through email at gcadmin@sircorp.com with your contact information and we will contact you to make arrangements to replace your card.

Do I have to register to use this service?
A: You must register your card and create an account in order to report it lost or stolen.

What happens if the card is stolen and used before I report it?
A: Unfortunately the card loss protection service can only transfer your unused balance to a replacement card. If there is no balance on the card when it is reported lost or stolen we are unable to replace it for you.

If I register the card is the balance on the card automatically protected?
A: The balance on any card can only be protected from unauthorized use if you report the card lost or stolen while there is a balance still on the card. Once the card is reported lost or stolen, only the remaining balance is protected. There is no guarantee on the full card balance. Please remember to treat your gift card like cash.

If I report a card lost and then find it again, can I report it found?
A: Once you report a card as lost or stolen it cannot be reversed. You must wait for a replacement card to be mailed to you.

Is there a charge for this service?
A: Service Inspired Restaurants is pleased to offer this as a free service to all of our gift card holders.

I have a Canyon Creek gift card, may I still use the available funds?
A: Yes, you may redeem your Canyon Creek gift card, at any Service Inspired Restaurant brand/location.​