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What denominations can I choose for the gift cards?
You can choose any amount from $25 to $500. The LCBO gift card is a stored-value card redeemable for purchases simply by swiping it at the point of sale at any LCBO retail store. The card can be swiped again and again until the full value is spent.


Are there any personalization options for the gift cards?
You can choose from one of the many gift card designs we have available. Each gift card comes with a free matching card holder. You have the option to include a personalized message on the card holder. The option to add a personalized message is not available for bulk orders.


Are there any fees or administration charges involved?
There is a nominal handling fee and flat rate shipping for processing online gift card orders (except where promotions apply). There are no extra fees or charges associated with redeeming LCBO gift cards at our stores.


Do the gift cards ever expire?
There are no expiry dates on LCBO gift cards.


Does the LCBO charge a service fee for unused balances on my LCBO gift card?
No. There are no fees associated with unused balances on the gift card.


Can gift cards be reloaded with additional amounts?
Cards cannot be reloaded, however additional cards can be purchased.


How do I check the balance on my gift card?
The sales receipt for each purchase you make with your gift card will itemize the value remaining. You can also find out the remaining value by using the ‘Check Balance’ function available on this site. You will need the 20-digit number located on the back of the card.


Will I require a PIN?
No. A PIN is not required for purchasing a gift card or checking your balance. However, each card will contain a scratch-off PIN on the back. The scratch-off coating should remain intact until you make a product purchase using your gift card at the point of sale at any LCBO retail store.


When will my gift card be activated?
Gift cards are activated next business day after shipping.


Where are gift cards redeemable?
Gift cards are redeemable at all LCBO retail stores.


Can a gift card be used to make a purchase on Vintages Shop Online?
At the moment, gift cards cannot be used as payment towards a purchase made on Vintages Shop Online.


What happens if a gift card is lost, stolen or damaged?
Since gift cards are almost like cash, we cannot issue replacements for lost, stolen or damaged cards.


Can my company order multiple cards at one time?
LCBO gift cards make a wonderful gift and/or incentive for your clients and staff. To order in bulk, click
here. We offer volume handling discounts for bulk orders available in bundles of 25.


How many gift cards can my company order at one time?
You may order as many as 400 gift cards per order on the bulk ordering site. As long as they are in bundles of 25, the volume handling discount will apply. You can also purchase cards at any LCBO retail store or at select retailers. For optimum convenience, it is recommended that bulk orders be purchased online.


Where can I have my order shipped to?
Orders can only be shipped within the province of Ontario. We cannot deliver to P.O. Box addresses and LCBO retail stores, as a recipient must be available to accept and sign for the package. Gift Cards are delivered to one shipping address per order.


Are there any shipping/handling charges when I order online?
The LCBO will ship all online orders to the shipping address provided using FedEx at a flat shipping rate of $14.00 for the first bundle of 25 cards, and $1.00 for each additional bundle (except where promotions apply). For bulk orders, the handling charge is $7.50 for the first bundle of 25 cards, and $0.25 for each additional bundle.


When can I expect delivery of my online order?
Once orders are received, we require 1-2 business days for processing. When orders have been processed, they will ship next business day. You will receive an email confirmation when your order has been shipped.


As the purchaser, what will I receive?
You will receive two email confirmations: (1) Order Confirmation – when your order is confirmed, and (2) Shipping Confirmation – when your order has been shipped.


If I have questions regarding my order or my card who can I contact?
Please contact
helloLCBO with any of your questions. Telephone: 1-800-668-5226 or 416-365-5900
helloLCBO.com Hours: Monday – Friday, 8:30 am – 6:00 pm
Saturday, 9:00 am – to 6:00 pm


Can I cancel an order?
Gift card orders cannot be cancelled and gift cards are non refundable. Please review the
Terms & Conditions for more information.


What type of payment is required to place an order?
Payment can be made by VISA or MasterCard. Complete payment information, including credit card account number, security code, expiry date and your address must be provided at time of ordering.


How secure is the payment process?
Your credit card has been processed in an enhanced secure environment using 3D secure (Verified by Visa or  MasterCard SecureCode) and Address Verification. These features help to prevent non-authorized use of your credit card.


When will my credit card be charged for a gift card purchase?
When you order online, your credit card payment will be processed after you click "Complete Purchase" on the Payment page. Once it is approved by your issuing bank, your credit card will be charged immediately and an Order Confirmation will be displayed on your screen containing your Order Number. A copy of the Order Confirmation will be emailed to you as well.


Will I be emailed a final receipt?
Upon receiving authorization for the credit card charge by the issuing bank, you will receive a confirmation of your order. When the order has been assembled by our warehouse for shipping, you will receive a second email with your shipping confirmation containing a link to track your order.


Can I return products purchased with a gift card?
Yes. Our normal return policy applies to any product purchased with a gift card. Returned saleable products purchased with a gift card are refunded back onto a gift card.


Can I purchase gift cards if I reside outside of Ontario?

We accept gift card purchases with billing addresses from within Canada and United States. Unfortunately, we do not accept purchases with international billing addresses.